ORHAN ÖNDER  ( 1932-2008 )

Orhan ÖNDER, founder of ASYOL Asphalt Co., was born in 10.04.1932 at İncesu, Kayseri as the eldest child of a poor family. He was İsmail and Naile’s son, had two brothers, Ayhan and Nurhan and one sister, Özgül.


He completed the primary school at İncesu, Kayseri and Kızılcahamam, Ankara. He had the chance of studying middle and high school at TED Ankara College with a scholarship provided by Ministry of Education as of being a child of teacher. His success at math classes made his friends call him as “Orhan, the Algebrist”.


After completing the high school education he studied at Medical School at Ankara Medical Faculty before he decided that discipline of medicine is not suitable for him. He attended to university exam and was able to be eligible for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at İTÜ (İstanbul Technical University). Sadly, financial difficulties forced him to stop his education in İstanbul, and came back to Ankara to attend to Chemical Engineering Department of Ankara University. During the university years, he had to work as a taxi driver at nights, not only to finance his education and but also support his low income family. Accordingly, his nickname throughout the university education was “Orhan, the Driver”. Those were the hard times. But at the same time they were the times of endurance and determination which would later shape his extraordinarily successfull business life.


He graduated from university at 1956 and started to work for Directorate of Highways as the site chief of asphalt production worksite. His new nickname was “Orhan, the Engineer”.


In 1961, After a successfull duty of 5 years at Directorate of Highways, he decided to go to Germany to work for a chemical company specializing at acrylic sheet production. He worked at Germany for two years and came back to Turkey at 1963.


During 1963-1965 he carried out his military duty as a Reserve Officer on Communications Division at Çorlu. His recent nick name was “Asphalt Orhan”. In this period he met his beloved wife, his future major supporter Süheyla Sevinç TANIN. This was an other milestone in his life. He married Süheyla Sevinç ÖNDER at 1966.


While climbing up the stairs in his business life, he had three children, Alpay (Industrial Engineer), Volkan (Mechanical Engineer) and Ceren (Economist) in 1967, 1968, and 1974 respectively.


In 1975 he lost his brother Ayhan ÖNDER at a traffic accident and experienced his deepest sorrow. He held on to his business to ease the pain. In 1976, Orhan ÖNDER, together with his partner Lütfi GÜNEŞ, founded ÖNGÜN Co. (the name comes from the combination of two partners lastnames) one of first asphalt undertaking companies of Turkey. He was the major contributor in ÖNGÜN Co.’s success in completing numerous asphalt paved highway projects, and other undertaking works till he withdrew his partnership in 1999.


In 1999 after withdrawing their partnership from ÖNGÜN Co., Orhan ÖNDER and his family founded ASYOL Asphalt Co. With his vast experience and perfect leadership, ASYOL Asphalt Co. became one of the leader firms in asphalt construction sector and completed various important projects both in domestic and international markets.


In 2002, Orhan ÖNDER suffered a heavy paralysis which limited not only his movements but also his breething and feeding functions. However, even in such a situation where most of the people would give up easily, he fought with the illness for 6 years and kept on working ignoring the limitations the paralysis brought on him. Orhan ÖNDER’s glamorous life, which started from the scratch, with out any help and contribution from anybody, was spent in worksites and factories trying to facilitate job opportunities for thousands of people. Likewise he passed away on 08.04.2008 at the age of 1976 .Orhan ÖNDER’s devotion to Turkish Republic and Atatürk ideals, his benevolence and compassion, his honesty and endless hard-working nature will always be a leading example for each of us.


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