ÖNDER group, the beholder of ASYOL Co., entered into construction sector in 1976 as one of the two main shareholders of a leading road construction company. The company successfully completed Ankara-Polatlı, Esenboğa-Ankara, Ilgaz-Tosya and Yerköy Yozgat Sorgun asphaltic concrete paved state highway projects respectively as prime contractor in between 1976-1998 and started  the construction of  İzmir-Salihli State Highway Section  1 and Yıldızeli-Akdağmadeni-Sivas State Highway Section  1 . The amount of the completed state highway projects in the subjected period sums up to  60.000.000 USD. Since 1982,  Esenboğa-Akyurt worksite of the company, served as a major asphaltic concrete provider and infrastructure undertaker for private and public entities and municipalities within the vicinity of Ankara.


At the beginning of 1999, ÖNDER group  decided to continue its activities alone and therefore ASYOL Co. was established. Esenboğa-Akyurt worksites staff and machinery joined to ASYOL Co. with substantial additions.


Within the 9 year period following the establishment, ASYOL Co. reached the capacity to operate with two separate asphalt production units to meet the demands of not only the domestic market but international markets as well.


ASYOL Co. Ankara/Akyurt worksite succesfully completed 1.375.000 tons of asphaltic concrete and  1.275.000 tons of plantmix base and subbase productions in addition to numerous infrastructure projects containing earthworks, prefabricated and reinforced concrete works, street illumination systems and irrigation works in accordance with the needs of  industrial facilities, public and military institutions, industrial and housing complexes, gas stations, airports, sports and recreational facilities, shopping malls, universities, schools and foreign entities within the vicinity of Ankara in period between 1999-2016.


On the international market, ASYOL Co. machinery has given service for major asphaltic concrete road projects at Kosovo that had been completed under the supervision of  UNMIK and KFOR. ASYOL Co. has also participated Dukan - Chamchamal - Qaladiza - Hajiyawa - Rania - Köysancak - Chuwarkurna  city roads and Irbil Kaznanan state highway asphaltic concrete pavements projects of  Iraq.


ASYOL Co.,  keeps on providing you with high quality and long lasting asphaltic concrete and infrastructure productions by combining its 35 year experience with its dynamism and professional service policy.


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