Application Areas: It is used in cold climate regions where hot mix asphalt supply is scarce. Suitable for local repairing purposes.


Preperation: Asphalt mixture is prepared in batch type asphalt plant similar to hot mixture asphalt. Agrregate is mixed with bitumen and chemicals that help the mixture stay soft. The mixture is than sacked and sealed. Eack sack weighs 25 kg.


Advantages: Cold packaged asphalt preserves its softness even at low weather temperatures. It can be applied on wet surfaces and does not need prior coating.


Storage and Maintaning: The shelf-life is 6 months. It is not advised to place more than 10 sacks on top of each other.


Application: The pothole should be opened and existing material be taken out to the desired depth. The edges should be perpendicular and be carefully relieved of dirt and dust. The cold asphalt mixture is taken out of sack and poured into the pothole and shaped so as to form a slight bump . The mixture is than compacted by the help of mini rollers or plate compactors.


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