Modified Bitumen: Modified bitumen is produced by the modification of bitumen by agents like natural asphalt, latex, granular black rubber.


Modified Asphalt Mixture: Modified asphalt mixture can be produced by two different methods depending on the modification agents:


On of the methods is based on mixing the aggregate and the modified bitumen. Bitumen is often modified at modification plants that uses SBS type polymers as the agent. These plants have mills and mixing units to enable homogeneusly dispersion of the modification agents through bitumen. The modified asphalt mixtures that uses the modified bitumen, have to be prepared, transported, paved and rolled at significantly higher temperatures than regular asphalt mixtures.


The other method contains simply feeding the modification agent into the asphalt plants mixing unit and generally referred as modifying the mixture. Bitumen, aggregate and the modification agent are mixed together to form the modified asphalt mixture. It is possible to carry out the production, paving and compacting processes at lower temperatures compared to that of mixtures prepared by using the modified bitumen.


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