Aggregate Productıon


The quarried rock, that has been relieved of dirt and organic particules by the help of by-pass screen, is crushed and and classified to desired dimension groups at the crushing and screening plant and stored to be used as asphaltic concrete aggregate.




BPreparıng Asphaltıc Concrete Mıxture


The aggregate is fed into the drying unit of the batch type asphalt plant and is relieved of moisture by being heated up to 160 Co. In order to achieve the desired mixture gradation, dried aggregate is rescreened into defined dimensions. Following the screening operation, the aggregate groups are scaled seperately and fed into the mixer. With the addition of bitumen (asphaltic cement) the asphalt mixture is prepared. The amount of each aggregate group and the bitumen that form the asphalt mixture have to conform to the job mix formula amounts.


Pavıng And Compactıng The Asphaltıc Concrete Mıxtures


The asphaltic concrete mixture is transferred to laying site by dumptrucks. The mixture is paved by electronically sensored pavers according to the specified grades and compacted by pneumatically-tyred rollers and tandem rollers.


If the laying site is not suitable for using the standart equipments listed above due to the load and dimension constraints, paving job is carried out either by mini pavers or vibrating screeds whereas mini rollers and plate compactors are used for compaction.


Qualıty Control Durıng Asphaltıc Concrete Productıon Process


During the production process listed items are toroughly controlled;


  • The compliance of the aggregate and bitumen to the technical specifications
  • The compliance of the mix gradation and the bitumen content to the job-mix design
  • The asphalt mixture temperature
  • The comformity of the base resistance of the laying site for the asphaltic pavement
  • The compliance of the paving and compacting processes to the technical specifications

The lifetime and cost effectiveness of asphaltic concrete pavement depends on complete  execution of the quality control process. ASYOL Co. reflects its quality awareness into its productions by the help of experienced quality control team and expert staff.



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